Foods to Avoid Serving at Your Wedding

With every wedding comes the stress of selecting the appropriate foods to serve at the reception. Often, the catering ends up being one of the most memorable aspects of your wedding. Of course, you hope for guests who rave to their friends and families about the foods you served. But mostly you want guests who are ultimately satisfied and enjoy the foods you’ve chosen for your wedding menu. As you decide upon the foods you really want on your menu, you should also know about certain foods you must avoid.


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Foods to avoid serving at a wedding

1) “Risky” foods

Even if you love and eat raw foods on a regular basis, it’s unlikely that many (if any) of your guests do. The risks of contamination and possible food allergies are too high. So leave the steak tartare, and other raw meats, raw fish, raw eggs, and foods made from unpasteurized cheese off your wedding menu. The last thing you want at your wedding reception is food poisoning.

2) Overly exotic or bizarre foods

Picky eaters aside, most of your guests are expecting a wedding menu with no surprises. You may like trying new foods and have a taste for exotic cuisine, but save your adventurous eating habits for another time. Why take chances when your guests will certainly enjoy any “normal” foods you serve?

3) “Heavy” foods

Your wedding reception is a party! It’s a special occasion where you and your guests can celebrate and have fun. Ensure everyone feels like partying by making sure you include foods on your wedding menu which satisfies your guests without weighing them down. Since you want everyone up and about (and maybe even dancing!) rather than falling asleep, you may decide against serving the roast turkey and heavy gravy until Thanksgiving.

If you’re having a sit-down dinner, you may also consider limiting the number of courses you serve. Although a 5-course meal sounds like a good idea, the reality is your guests often prefer partying over eating too much. Having fewer courses also means you ultimately spend less money on your wedding menu and less food is wasted.

 4) Messy foods

Inevitably, someone will accidentally spill a drink on her gown or get food on his tux. Take this into consideration by making sure the foods on your wedding menu aren’t overly messy. Foods such as barbecue ribs not only inconvenience your guests, but can also leave bad stains on their clothes.

5) Overly elaborate foods

Complicated foods requiring a “production,” such as those a chef must set on fire, definitely don’t belong on your wedding menu. Wedding menus which include simpler dishes with fewer garnishes mean the caterer can prepare the foods and serve your guests quickly. Sticking with menu options which are on the simple, yet elegant, side also helps you keep your catering budget under control.


Now that you  have a good idea of foods to avoid at a wedding, you can focus on putting together your memorable wedding menu – the one that you and your guests will thoroughly enjoy! If you’re planning your wedding in the Portland-Metro area, we have several options to choose from on our wedding menu. We would love to help you with catering your perfect wedding reception – just give us a call!


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