Your Guide to Planning a Corporate Fundraiser

Planning a corporate fundraiser - Portland Corporate CateringThroughout the year, many companies participate in or host fundraisers for charities they support. Planning a corporate fundraiser involves time, creativity, and the right resources. If the planning isn’t properly executed, the event itself is less likely to be an overwhelming success. In fact, poor planning leaves room for errors that could make the whole thing go south. The next time you find yourself planning a corporate fundraiser, take these fundraiser tips into account:

  1. Set a goal. This is the obvious first step, but don’t overlook it! Clearly identify an attainable goal that will serve as your fundraising event’s “mission statement.”
  2. Choose the best fundraising approach. What type of event will get you closer to achieving your goal? What venue will lend itself to the type of fundraiser you want to host? Take into consideration the audience that will be in attendance.
  1. Delegate, delegate, delegate! No one person can pull off a successful fundraiser alone. You’ll need a team. From setup to teardown to marketing to décor, gather a reliable team who will work as hard as you do to make your fundraiser a success.
  1. Choose the right team. Avoid allowing just anyone to be involved in your event. You will be more successful planning a corporate fundraiser if you invite team members who care about the cause and are reliable and dedicated.
  1. Decide between volunteers or professionals. Most fundraisers have small budgets, which can make it tempting to rely solely on volunteers for help. However, many volunteers are already busy and may not have the time to invest 100% in your fundraiser. This is why hiring professionals for certain jobs could be the best way to go since they will dedicate all their energy to that one task.
  1. Market your event. The way you go about this will depend on how exclusive your fundraiser is, but you want to make sure invitees know all the details and are excited about attending. A big part of this includes educating them about the cause you’re supporting.
  1. Don’t forget to say “thank you.” Don’t be “that guy” who lets volunteers and donors walk away without hearing a heartfelt “thank you.” Go out of your way to appreciate the people who made your event a success. Bare minimum write a thank you note; it may be appropriate for some individuals to also give them a gift.

No matter what type of event your fundraiser will be, you will more than likely have food of some kind served. Whether it’s sit-down dinner service, a buffet, or hors d’oeuvres and drinks, catering your corporate event is one way we can help make planning a corporate fundraiser easier on you. For more details about our corporate catering services, check out our sample menus and contact us for additional information.

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