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Serving alcohol at your event

Chef du Jour

28th Mar, 2017

Hiring a Caterer


Raising the Bar: Serving Alcohol At Your Event

In many cases, serving alcohol at an event is a way to help people relax, have fun, and enjoy their time. However, there are legalities surrounding serving alcohol at your event. Since many people want to have alcohol at their event, we thought it was

planning the best corporate event

Chef du Jour

14th Mar, 2017

Event Planning


4 Tips for Planning the Best Corporate Event

We love being part of an excellent corporate event! It isn’t something that just “happens” overnight – planning the best corporate event takes dedication to be sure. As Chef du Jour has attended and assisted many events of varying sizes and purposes, we’ve noticed a

Portland's best event venues

Chef du Jour

14th Feb, 2017

Portland Event Venues


The Best of: Portland’s Best Event Venues

We love living and working in Portland. Oregon has so much offer, especially beautiful settings to host a wedding or event. Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of visiting some amazing Oregon event venues. Out of that experience, we want to share some of

planning your next corporate event

Chef du Jour

24th Jan, 2017



A Foolproof Guide to Planning Your Next Corporate Event

If you’re like many businesses, you likely have several events scheduled for the coming year. The guest list might range in size from small to large, and the purpose for each probably varies. One thing, however, is likely to remain constant: food. It’s common if

2017 food trends

Chef du Jour

10th Jan, 2017

Food Trends


2017 Food Trends to Watch For

The start of the New Year marks the turning of a corner, the writing of a new chapter. In many industries, it’s a chance to look ahead at the things we anticipate will change. It’s exciting to predict what new trends will emerge. We’ve been

How to cater to food allergies

Chef du Jour

13th Dec, 2016

Menu Planning


How to Cater for Food Allergies and Preferences

Planning an event for even a small number of people, the odds are pretty high at least one of your guests has dietary needs. For some, it might be a special diet based on convictions. For others, they may deal with an intolerance to a

What to look for in a caterer - Portland catering experts

Chef du Jour

22nd Nov, 2016

Hiring a Caterer


What to Look For In a Caterer

When hiring a caterer, you’re establishing an important relationship. As such, it’s important to know what to look for in a caterer! Before deciding on a team to cater your event – whether large or small – the first step is for you to have

Corporate catering for weekly office meetings

Chef du Jour

8th Nov, 2016

Corporate Catering


Taking the “Boring” Out of Weekly Office Meetings

In many jobs, weekly office meetings are unavoidable. While hopefully these times allow your team to communicate and begin working towards common goals, they don’t always feel like an enjoyable way to spend time. Making these weekly office meetings something to look forward to may

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