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Planning a corporate fundraiser - Portland Corporate Catering

Chef du Jour

9th Aug, 2016

Corporate Catering


Your Guide to Planning a Corporate Fundraiser

Throughout the year, many companies participate in or host fundraisers for charities they support. Planning a corporate fundraiser involves time, creativity, and the right resources. If the planning isn’t properly executed, the event itself is less likely to be an overwhelming success. In fact, poor

2016 food trends

Chef du Jour

26th Jul, 2016

Food Trends


The Latest in 2016 Food Trends

Food is art, and it’s always amazing to see the creativity that emerges in the culinary scene. This year has presented some unique and refreshing ideas. Here’s a roundup of our favorite (and most accessible) 2016 food trends: Turmeric: A spice often used in Indian

Reasons to consult a catering professional

Chef du Jour

19th Jul, 2016

Hiring a Caterer


8 Reasons to Consult With A Catering Professional

With Pinterest and the age of Do-It-Yourself instructions, it can be tempting to want to cater your own event without choosing to consult with a catering professional. While there are some people who might be able to pull this off, more often than not, a

Choosing a location for your corporate event

Chef du Jour

12th Jul, 2016

Corporate Catering


Choosing A Location for Your Corporate Event

Work meetings and events are part of life. Sometimes it’s easy to do a simple affair at the office, but other times a different venue needs to be found. Depending on the type of event, you’ll want to find the right location for your corporate

Choosing the right beverages for your event

Chef du Jour

28th Jun, 2016

Menu Planning


Selecting the Right Beverages For Your Event

Selecting the right food for your event is important, but choosing the right beverages for your event is a detail you don’t want to overlook! Finding unique drinks to accompany your food can enhance the entire experience. If you’re trying to find the right beverage

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