Menu Planning

This Goes With That: Food Pairings

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Somewhere along the way, during your journey into adulthood and attendance at tastings, dinner parties, and the like, you might have picked up a thing or two about food pairings. Food pairing can refer to combining different foods whose flavors pair well together or pairing food with beverages that complement each others’ flavors. is a…

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PLU Stickers: What You Need to Know

See the Ingredients that Make Us Who We Are

When you buy produce at the grocery store, you might have noticed that the fruit and vegetables have a barcode sticker somewhere on them or their packaging. Most of the time people don’t notice they are there until they are washing their produce (you do wash your produce, right?). What you might not realize, however,…

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Common Food Allergies

The term “food allergy” gets tossed around quite a bit nowadays. Traditionally, the term “allergy” is used when a person has a severe reaction that can be life-threatening, as in anaphylactic shock. Where food is concerned, however, potential allergic reactions can range from intestinal discomfort, to hives, to true anaphylactic symptoms. Here is a short…

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