8 Reasons To Call A Caterer Today

Most people have experienced catering at weddings and bigger parties. What businesses and frequent party-throwers know, however, is that catering can be the perfect solution for a business lunch, corporate gathering, BBQ,, or even a smaller, dinner party.

Here are the top 8 reasons why you should strongly consider hiring a caterer for your next event.

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Family Style Antipasti

Saves Time

This is the big one! We all need more time in our day, and until someone adds that 25th hour, it would be nice to hand off some, or most, of the party details to a professional.

Attention to Detail

Caterers are the people that can actually make your food and beverages look like the pictures on Pinterest. They have the skill and the patience to make your vision a reality. You, also, know they are not going to forget seemingly obvious things like, you know…napkins.

Food Safety

Safety is a serious issue that can involve anything from food allergies to knowing how to chill the shrimp cocktail. Caterers are trained, licensed, and certified in food safety. It can be something you don’t think about in comparison to thinking about your grocery list…until you’re the one who left out the egg salad too long.

Less Planning and Pressure

Catering companies know how to create a menu, pair wine, and plan desserts. While it’s fun to dream about the perfect party via recipe blogs and Pinterest, executing that vision is a whole different ball game. A caterer can take your ideas, theme, and preferences and make them into a seamless, easy party full of memories, not stress.

Enough Food

With a caterer, there’s no entire fridge of leftovers or running out of buns for the hamburgers (gourmet, drool-worthy burgers). As long as you give an accurate guest number estimate, they are going to know the right amount of food and drinks to bring. No begging people to take an awkward plate of food they’ll have to balance on their lap on the way home.

Guests Are Served

Wouldn’t it be nice to mingle and converse with your guests? A caterer serves, continually picks up stray glasses and plates, and leaves you to chat about that business deal or your kid’s soccer game.

No Cleanup

There is a satisfaction to having a clean kitchen at the end of the evening. It’s even more satisfying when you don’t have to do it yourself. In a business environment, corporations want to see your multi-tasking talents in other ways – not how well you can wrap leftovers.


The kind of party you envision, or need a little help envisioning, is just as important to the caterer as giving you excellent customer service. Always wanted to throw a backyard movie night? Family-style Italian dinner? What about a posh BBQ? Your caterer works with what you want, helping you create a memorable event uniquely “you”.

For those of us who are “doers,” handing over the reigns to a caterer can be an intimidating thing. However, the benefits of hiring a caterer for your next party are great! Consider your next event and how a caterer may be the right choice!