What to Serve at Your Next Corporate Event

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If the task of planning a corporate event has fallen on you, it can seem daunting. You want to make the right impression, accommodate everyone’s palate, and leave your clients and/or employees feeling attended to and talking about the yummy food and great conversation. Before you decide what to serve, there are several factors you…

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PLU Stickers: What You Need to Know

See the Ingredients that Make Us Who We Are

When you buy produce at the grocery store, you might have noticed that the fruit and vegetables have a barcode sticker somewhere on them or their packaging. Most of the time people don’t notice they are there until they are washing their produce (you do wash your produce, right?). What you might not realize, however,…

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Common Food Allergies

The term “food allergy” gets tossed around quite a bit nowadays. Traditionally, the term “allergy” is used when a person has a severe reaction that can be life-threatening, as in anaphylactic shock. Where food is concerned, however, potential allergic reactions can range from intestinal discomfort, to hives, to true anaphylactic symptoms. Here is a short…

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5 of Portland's Best Event Venues

One of the first things people decide when creating an event is where to host it. Outside or inside? Large space or small? How much do they charge and what services are included? While there are seemingly limitless possibilities in Portland for your corporate event, wedding, or social function, here is a list of 5…

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