What to Serve at Your Next Corporate Event

If the task of planning a corporate event has fallen on you, it can seem daunting. You want to make the right impression, accommodate everyone’s palate, and leave your clients and/or employees feeling attended to and talking about the yummy food and great conversation. Before you decide what to serve, there are several factors you must consider: – The size of the crowd – How long the event will be – Venue capacity for serving and seating – Budget Once those factors are narrowed down, you can begin discussing food choices with your caterer. Do your best to find out if there will be any guests with food allergies and plan on at least one vegetarian option. Business events can range from breakfast or lunch during a conference, to a seated dinner, to a cocktail hour after a long day of meetings. All these considerations are important when deciding how to make enjoying the food easy for your guests. custom catering, portland oregon catering, portland oregon caterer, portland catering, portland caterer, sample catering menu Seated Event For a sit-down meal event, you’ll have more room to serve many different styles of food. You might choose the buffet route or opt for a wait staff to serve your guests at their tables. For a larger event, you will want to keep the menu choices more general so everyone is satisfied. If an item has meat in it, make sure that is clear to your guests. Light foods are better for daytime functions, while guests at evening events usually expect more filling options. Pizza, pasta, seafood, sandwiches, and lots of vegetables are great options. Mingling Event If your event will center around chatting up your clients or co-workers talking about the day-long conference, chances are you’ll be doing a cocktail hour. Guests will need small plates and nibbles to keep the conversation going. They’ll probably be using one hand for their beverage so finger foods instead of foods that require utensils are best. Meat and cheese boards, fruit and veggie trays, and mini-quiches are great options. Other Considerations Regardless of the type or time of event, you want to avoid rich gravies and dripping meats – food should be easy to digest and not too messy. We’ve all been to those conferences where we’re fighting to not fall asleep after lunch! If you are planning a “working lunch” during a meeting, consider a box lunch or pizza (handmade, not from one of “those guys”!!). We can accommodate any type of corporate event, and our priority is making sure your guests are satisfied and impressed – as much by you as by the food! Call us to discuss planning your next corporate function!