Adding a Touch of Portland to Your Event

If you’re making plans to host a Portland themed event or to hold an event in the Portland area, then you are definitely making a great choice. Portland, itself, offers over 1,200 event venues for weddings, business meetings, and parties. There is indeed something for everyone and for every budget – and there are many ways you can easily add a touch of Portland to your special occasion.

Portland is a city with its own unique culture and personality. Some people think Portland is a town for young hipsters and aging “hippies.” However, this is truly only one aspect of this beautiful city which has so much to offer its residents and guests.

For example, with its location near the foothills of the Tualatin Mountains, along with a climate which is typically moderate most of the year, many people find the Portland area to be outdoor-friendly. Residents and tourists enjoy getting outdoors for popular activities such as hiking and riding bicycles.

And of course, you can’t think of Portland without recognizing the city’s reputation for award-winning restaurants, breweries, coffee houses, and excellent cuisine.  Those who live in Portland love what the city has to offer. From the food to the atmosphere, there are many ways that clients can incorporate the Portland vibe into their events.

Portland Oregon from the east. By User:Fcb981

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These are some suggestions for adding a touch of Portland to your event:

1) Farm-to-table dining is a reality.

Portland is quite proud of its “farm-to-table” movement, and for a good reason. The city’s in close proximity to a bounty of organic foods and ingredients which make incredibly fresh and delicious recipes.

You’ll have plenty of options to choose from if you’re serving food at your Portland themed event. This includes anything from appetizers to 7-course meals – and everything in between. To add a touch of Portland to your menus, provide your guests with dishes made from seasonal and local produce, meats, and/or seafood. Some of Portland’s most common local specialties include salmon, cherries, and peaches.

2) Portland is one of the top beer cities in the world.

Portland is home to a lengthy list of local beer producers and boasts a burgeoning craft-beer scene. If you’re planning to serve alcohol at your event, you’ll have no trouble finding Portland-made beers.

You can get creative for your own Portland themed event by borrowing ideas from some of the local beer festivals. For example, you can offer beer tastings or beer-tasting lessons. Depending on the type of event, you may even consider holding traditional pub game contests such as darts, backgammon, and checkers/chess for a touch of Portland that is both fun and lively.

3) Coffee is taken seriously in Portland. Very seriously.

For Portlanders, coffee is so much more than just a caffeinated beverage…it’s a lifestyle. Portland is home to many cafes, micro roasters, and extremely talented baristas. Portland’s coffee culture is considered intimate, but relaxed.

Coffee is a must-have for your Portland themed event. Make sure to have plenty of locally grown and roasted coffee varieties available for your guests. Consider setting up a coffee bar and hiring a barista for a complete effect.

4) Stop and smell the roses!

With an official nickname of “The City of Roses,” it only makes sense that you’ll find plenty of these fragrant flowers in Portland. As it turns out, Portland has the ideal climate and soil for growing roses and they bloom throughout the year. Roses are great for adding a touch of Portland to any event.

Depending on the time off year, you may consider having your event in one of the many beautiful rose gardens located throughout the city. What if you’ve chosen to hold your event indoors, or you’re forced indoors because of the weather? No worries! You can still add a touch of Portland by adding freshly cut roses as centerpieces or as part of other flower arrangements.

Give us a call if you’re planning an event in the Portland-Metro area. You can be sure we’ll add a touch of Portland to your special occasion, regardless of the type of event.



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