Halloween Food Fun

Halloween is just around the corner – are you ready? We love this time of year and we’re definitely getting into the Halloween spirit here at Chef Du Jour Catering. Besides, why should the kids get to have all the fun on Halloween?

From Halloween-themed meals to creepy, crawly desserts, we have some “spook-tacular” Halloween menu inspirations to share with you. This variety of festive Halloween treats will offer something for everyone.

So get ready to thrill, chill, and delight your guests with some Halloween food fun!

Halloween menu ideas for a fiendishly fantastic feast!

A savory, Halloween-themed dinner will satisfy all your hungry zombies and werewolves. Prepare for your very own fright fest with some the following “ghoulishly good” Halloween menu ideas:

1) Ghostly Green Chili with Chicken  

Chili always makes a great choice for a hot meal on a cool, Halloween night. Serve with ghost-shaped tortilla chips for an added spooky touch.

Find a simple recipe here.

2) Vampire-Slaying Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potato fries with garlic are not only healthy, but they’re delicious, too. Plus, the garlic will keep the vampires at bay!

Find a simple recipe here.

3) Slithery Snake Sandwich

Charm your dinner guests with a huge snake-shaped sandwich!

Find a simple recipe here.

4) Chilling Cocktail Concoctions

Help your guests quench their unearthly thirst with some fun and festive cocktails.

Find alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktail recipes here.

5) Sweetly Spooky Halloween Cupcakes

Death by chocolate…or would you prefer a different sweet ending? Serving Halloween-themed cupcakes is a lot of fun…and they’re tasty desserts, as well!

Find 27 Halloween cupcake recipes here.

Get ready to party with these Halloween treats – No Tricks! Well okay, maybe a few tricks…

A Halloween party just isn’t complete without a variety of spooky snacks and drinks, right?  The following are a few frighteningly fun Halloween treats and party ideas:

1) Chilling! Use a pumpkin as an ice bucket    

Cut the top off a large pumpkin and scoop out the insides completely. Next, insert a clear bowl into the empty pumpkin, fill it up with ice and boom – you have a festive, Halloween-themed ice bucket.

2) Frightening Fingers

All you need is a can of refrigerated breadstick dough, some pepperoni, a little dried rosemary…and a wart or two. (A raisin or two, that is!). The result? Creepy-looking fingers that also taste delicious!

Find a simple recipe here.

3) Wickedly Wonderful Witch’s Brew  

Keep your ghosts and goblins from getting too thirsty with a tasty Halloween punch. Use a recipe with lime gelatin (for a greenish color), and ginger ale. The ginger ale makes the punch foamy on top so it looks even more like a witch’s brew. Fun!

Find a simple recipe here.

4) Devilishly delicious Deviled Egg “Eyeballs”

Start with deviled eggs, top with a slice of black olive and a caper, then use red food coloring to make them look bloody.  Gross!

Find a simple recipe for deviled eggs here.

5) Jack-o-Lantern Cheeseball  

At last, a Jack-o-Lantern you can carve into and eat! A cheesy appetizer that’s sure to please!

Find a simple recipe here.

6) Ghastly Graveyard Pots and Cookie Gravestones

You may be afraid of the dark…but you’re going to love this “dark” chocolate treat! Wafer cookies that look like tombstones complete the graveyard effect.

Find a simple recipe here.

What are some of your favorite Halloween treats? Do you prefer the scary side, the mischievous side, or the silly side of Halloween? Either way, this is a perfect holiday to have fun and get creative with your food options. If you have Halloween or any other catering needs this holiday season, we’d love to talk to you about them. Just give us a call or leave a comment below.


Featured Image photo credit: MandeeSears via photopin cc