Food Trends to Expect Going into 2015

Happy New Year and welcome to 2015! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season with plenty of great food and fun times with family and friends.

Many people like to find out what’s trendy and up-and-coming at the beginning of a new year. In the world of catering and events, we’re also paying attention to what’s new and note-worthy. Our focus, however, is primarily on food trends and what the popular foods are going to be this year.

Are you planning an event this year? Here are some of the hottest food trends we’re seeing as the new year gets underway, and we’re excited to share them with you.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

2015 Food Trends for Weddings

Brunch-themed wedding receptions

As couples seek creative ways to save money on their weddings and receptions, we may begin seeing more daytime weddings. The food trends which go along with daytime wedding receptions include menus with primarily breakfast and brunch items.

The popular wedding site, The Knot, offers several excellent menu suggestions for a reception brunch:

  • Various morning-type drinks including juices, coffee, and mimosas
  • Frittatas: According to Rocco DiSpirito, the chef at Union Pacific in New York City, “this Italian vegetable-and-egg dish is all the rage…”
  • Food stations which serve French toast, omelets, and crepe/pancakes – and bacon, of course
  • Breakfast pastries

Organic and locally-sourced foods

This is one of many food trends that carries over from 2014. It’s a realistic expectation to have high quality foods that taste great, and it’s something we believe in as well.

The Late Night Snack

What if wedding guests still want to party into the wee hours? The bride and groom may have to leave, but the fun doesn’t have to end – especially when there are late night snacks on hand. This is one of the biggest food trends right now. Popular late night snacks include miniature pizzas, tacos, and other “fun” bite-sized foods.

2015 Food Trends for Corporate Events

Smaller plates and healthier foods

2015 food trends for corporate events are keeping in line with the current emphasis many companies are now placing on maintaining healthier workplaces and employees. Menus are already reflecting this trend by offering smaller portion sizes, more vegetables and/or vegetarian items, and more gluten-free options.

Local Sourcing

Just like with wedding food trends, locally sourced foods will continue to be in demand for corporate event catering as well. According to Culinaire International‘s Senior VP David Wood, who was quoted in an article for Plan Your Meetings:

A side benefit of using locally sourced food is that it reduces the need for transportation, which reduces the event’s carbon footprint. Trendsetters are going niche with this trend too, focusing on locally crafted cheeses, beers, wines, ciders — even things that may be foraged from the wild.


Several beverage experts expect the current craft spirits and beer trend will continue into 2015. Interestingly, many also expect “retro” cocktails – such as grasshoppers and Harvey Wallbangers – to rise in popularity this year.

2015 Food Trends for Any Occasion

These trends look good for any type of event – or just because!

Gourmet ice cream

Regardless of the season, a liquid nitrogen ice cream station is fun. Ice cream in exotic flavors and combinations? Even better!

“Sophisticated” comfort foods

Comfort food never really goes out of style. 2015 event menus will most likely include traditional comfort foods, such as macaroni and cheese – but with an elegant flair.


Biscuits have been a longstanding “southern” favorite. However, people are eating more biscuits throughout the country, making them one of the potentially hottest foods trends in 2015.


Which food trends would you like to see at your events in 2015? Please give us a call if you’re planning an event in the Portland-Metro area. We’ll be glad to help you with any of your catering needs.


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