3 Ideas for Your Corporate Catering Menu

Are you planning an appreciation luncheon or dinner for your employees? Or perhaps you’re hosting a meeting with new or potential clients and would like to serve a nice meal? If so, you may consider learning more about corporate catering options.

Sure, sandwiches and pizza are usually acceptable for your more casual corporate meetings. However, offering catered fare at more professional meetings gives your meeting’s attendees a better impression of you and your company.

Whether you’re feeding a large or small group, a good caterer can help you plan and organize the corporate catering menu that’s just right for your meeting. Even better? He or she will know about the corporate catering trends that are currently dazzling and wowing attendees.


Here are three corporate catering menu trends we found that we think you’ll like:

1) Menus with locally-sourced foods

Seasonal menus which include foods made from fresh and locally-sourced ingredients are welcome at nearly all events. You can easily incorporate this trend into your corporate catering menu planning as well.

More people have become aware of how providing locally sourced foods at their events helps make a positive impact on the environment. As well, going local reduces expenses without decreasing the quality or taste of the food.

Locally-sourced menus allow your corporate meeting attendees the opportunity to enjoy recipes with local flair, and you can feel good in knowing your business is helping the local economy and the environment. It’s a win-win situation all the way.

2) Menus with healthier and more nutritious options

Americans are becoming more health-conscious in general, and corporate catering menus are happily supporting this trend.

Businesses, which once thought little about food menus served in their offices, are now starting to take note of calories, nutrition, portion sizes, meal ingredients and food preparations to push better eating behaviors amongst professionals — all an effort to keep employees healthy, disease-free, and full of energy.

Source: TribLocal Evanston

Corporate catering menus can easily combine this trend and the locally-sourced trend. For example, a caterer can prepare and serve menu items which is made exclusively with fresh and local produce. Such dishes taste delicious, and are also packed with vitamins and nutrients. Healthier catering can also be accomplished through smaller plates and portion sizes.

3) Menus offering small, bite-sized food portions

For meetings where activities such as team-building, networking, and having conversations is encouraged, a corporate catering menu providing bite-sized menu items makes a good choice. This way, your attendees can eat smoothly and gracefully while standing or walking around. Another advantage of serving bite-sized portions is a reduction in food waste. Your meeting attendees can more easily pick and choose the items they like – and avoid the ones they might not.


One other imporant thing to note: we touched upon the subject of handling food allergies and dietary restrictions for catered events in last week’s post, “Accommodating Your Guests’ Dietary Needs.” You will find the advice from that article should also help you as plan your corporate catering menus.


If you are planning a corporate event in the Portland-Metro area, please contact us online or give us a call. We’d love to help you plan the best corporate catering menu for your meeting.


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