15 Questions to ask Your Wedding Caterer

One of the most important parts of any wedding is the menu. Choosing the right wedding caterer for a successful event is essential, but need not be stressful.

You may have questions about menu-related issues such as what types of food you should serve your wedding guests and how much. A good wedding caterer will talk with your through all of your concerns, and should address all of your other questions as well. Many caterers provide more than food, so you may have questions about that, too.

Feeling confident and comfortable with your wedding caterer can definitely ease your mind. This also helps you relax a bit, knowing that your wedding menu and preparations are being handled the way you prefer – and that you will have no surprises on your big day!

Here are 15 questions you may consider asking your potential wedding caterer

Questions to ask a wedding caterer


1) Does the caterer have a variety of menus (which also includes the prices) that you can review?

2) What food(s) does the caterer specialize in?

3) Will the caterer let you schedule a tasting?

4) Ask questions about costs (so you can stay within your budget): When it comes to the costs, are they itemized depending on the foods you choose, or is there an all-inclusive flat rate? Will the total cost include linens, tax, and gratuity, for example? Does the caterer have printed price sheets for food selections?

5) How involved is the caterer during the reception? For example, will he or she let the guests know when the meal is being served, or that it’s time for the cake-cutting, etc.?

6) Will the caterer provide extras, such as linens, silverware, plates, and tables & chairs?

7) Does the caterer typically plan other weddings/events on the same weekend, the same day, or at the same time as yours? You want him or her to devote sufficient attention to your wedding, so make sure your wedding caterer isn’t overscheduled.

8) Will the caterer have wait staff and/or bartender(s)? Also, do they provide staff who will take care of setting up, taking everything down, and cleaning up after the wedding?

9) Can the caterer make substitutions or provide alternative menu items for vegetarians or guests with special dietary requirements?

10) Where does the caterer prepare the food and how will he or she present/arrange it?

11) Is the caterer licensed? You want him or her to be sufficiently licensed. Being licensed means that his or her business meets health department standards and that they have liability insurance. If you plan on serving alcohol, ensure he or she has a liquor license as well.

12) Does the caterer serve alcohol and if so, how does the pricing work for this service? If you provide the alcohol, is there a corkage fee?

13) Will the caterer provide references you can contact? This is especially helpful if they know someone who had a similar wedding size and menu as what you are planning.

14) Does the caterer provide wedding cakes with their menu? If you prefer, can you use an outside baker for the cake? Either way, is there a separate cake-cutting fee? (Once again, it helps to know this for your budgeting purposes.)

15) Does the caterer’s contract include a cancellation policy and is the deposit (or any portion of it) refundable?

Bonus: Always remember that when it comes to planning your wedding day, you can never ask too many questions. It’s your special day so you want to make sure it is memorable for you and your guests.


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