Start Preparing for Your Holiday Employee Event

Although everyone looks forward to it each year, the annual corporate holiday party is probably one of the last things you are thinking about right now.

For one thing, we’re still suffering through the “dog days” of summer. As well, many people are planning their back-to-school activities.

The reality, however, is that unlike planning for an informal dinner party, the planning required for a corporate holiday event begins (or should begin) months in advance.

Are you the person who is responsible for planning your company’s holiday event? If so, then knowing what you should start doing now to prepare is going to help you through the following months.

And then, as the date for your corporate holiday party gets closer, you can feel more confident that you have everything in order.

Image courtesy of Ambro at

Image courtesy of Ambro at

Here are a few questions that often arise during the early planning stages for a corporate holiday party

  • What to budget?
  • When to budget?
  • How do we host an event that truly shows our employees how much we care?
  • What is the appropriate degree of entertainment and holiday spirit for a corporate event for clients?
  • How do I promote my event on my social media platforms?
  • Should I write about my event on my blog?
  • Do I need to come up with a clever gamification campaign to leverage my holiday party with existing clients and new leads?
  • How much would it cost to get a great comedian to entertain for the night?
  • Do I need to hire a pianist?
  • What color should the decor and theme reflect for a true seasonal event that honors and salutes the spirit of multiple holiday celebrations?

Source: Small Business Trends

Here are other ideas to consider as you start planning your corporate holiday party (even while you’re enjoying these last days of summer!)

1) Select Your Event’s Theme

It’s a good time to start thinking about the theme of your holiday event. The theme you choose serves as the foundation for your entire event – from décor, to your invitations, and even the food.

Speaking of food, it is never too early to think about finding a caterer who can help you with your planning, even at this early stage. With such a long list of to-do’s and steps involved with planning a successful event, a good caterer can help you feel more organized from the get-go.

Organize Your Countdown Checklist

Begin thinking of building a team of people who can help you define and refine your list of to-do’s for a successful corporate holiday party.

CJ DiRoma states the following about having a dedicated team in place for employee event planning in her article for Small Business Trends, “Hot Tips to Start Planning Your Cool Business Holiday Party – Today“:

Creating a memorable and successful event is not a one-person job – especially for a business. Even a small business has big details to coordinate and confirm. Make sure you are organized and militant about your planning. Make sure your event has a team behind its success, not just one overwhelmed individual. Make sure all you do stays in line with your event budget and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

We couldn’t agree more!

However, don’t worry so much about planning your corporate holiday party that you forget to enjoy what’s left of your summer.

By giving yourself plenty of time to plan though, you can definitely relax a bit, knowing you won’t have to panic and scramble around at the last minute.


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