Desserts That Will Make Your Guests Say Wow

Part of the fun of planning and throwing an event is seeing your guests’ faces as they experience every aspect of the event. From décor, to location, and food, you want to be sure to leave a lasting impression.

One of the ways you can be sure to leave an impression is with tasty, delicious, desserts that will make your guests say “wow!”

Here are 6 desserts for you to try:

Nectarine Pavlovas

It even sounds fancy! Arrange thin slices of nectarine on a meringue shell filled with pastry cream – some people even add berries as an added bonus. These desserts are beautiful and resemble an open flower.



This easy to make dessert has many variations. Whether you prefer fruit or chocolate, there is a recipe for every palette.


Upside-Down Cakes & Pies

Again, there are many variations of this guest favorite! From traditional pineapple to blackberry-apple, the options are limitless.


Apple Flower Tarts

Another beautiful dessert that resembles a flower, the apple flower tart is easy to make yet extremely impressive.



Soft and airy, full of flavor, and extremely colorful, the macaroons are the perfect bite size treat.

Buche d’Noel

This dessert is both fun to make and festive. Sometimes called a yule log, guests are sure to appreciate the work behind it!


Or, if you don’t consider yourself a baker but want to recruit some help from a nearby store, check out some of our partners:

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Le Cookie Monkey

Le Cookie Monkey
As we said in our earlier post, Le Cookie Monkey serves cookies, cakes, cupcakes, and other small desserts; they even have customizable options!

Do you have a special dessert that people request at any of your events? We would love to share it! Leave a comment below with your dessert and we will add it to our list of “wow-ing” desserts.