Personalized Portland Videography: Moving Picture Weddings

A picture’s worth a thousand words, but sometimes a video captures the moment better. Memorializing your wedding day is maybe one of the best investments you can make. While many couples immediately think of investing in a good photographer, investing in an excellent videograper can be equally important. We’ve seen what our friends at Moving Picture Weddings do, and they create a beautiful, personal, cinema-quality work of art.

moving picture weddings

Image courtesy of Moving Picture’s Facebook

Here’s a little bit more about Moving Picture Weddings…

Made up of a team of 6 talented individuals, the company focuses on filming the authentic moments of your wedding day. Moving Picture has three teams of videographers, any of which may shoot your wedding. Their goal is to stay under the radar as unobtrusively as possible so your wedding isn’t turned into a “production.” To stay true to their art and ensure quality, the studio only accepts a limited number of weddings each year.

What’s included in a package?

Moving Picture typically creates a package tailored to the couple to make sure they get all the features they want. After a brief phone interview, Moving Picture will gladly give you a quote and price options. A few examples of the options are:

  • All collections have day-of coverage capturing the big moments of the day
  • All packages include a feature-length film (10-18 minutes)
  • Each project is created using the latest high-def, cinema-grade video technology
  • A range of customizations are available, including Same Day Edits
  • Extended pre-wedding coverage is available
  • Moving Picture selects personalized music based on your style and taste that is unique to your wedding video
  • If desired, the studio is happy to give you all the raw footage of your wedding day at an additional cost
  • All films can be viewed on mobile devices
  • Yes, Moving Picture is also open to telling the story of events other than weddings – just contact them to find out more

In addition to serving the Portland area, the Moving Picture Weddings team is happy to travel to destination weddings as well. They’ve filmed all over the US, plus Belize, Australia, and Mexico!

One of the things we love most about Moving Picture is how quickly they get your video back to you. While some studios can take up to a year to get your wedding video back to you, Moving Picture makes a point of shortening that time frame to 3-5 months (depending on what season you get married in).

What do other people say?

Real-life testimonials make such a big difference! Moving Picture has a few detailed reviews listed on their website (read them here!) as well as a video.

See the Work…

In addition to reading reviews, one of the most powerful testimonies is seeing this studio’s amazing videography work. Their website has a collection of some of their best work. We love that they took the time to organize the films by type (full-length, trailer, same-day edit, etc.), location (known Oregon wedding destinations as well as others), and venue (including popular Portalnd wedding venue). Be sure to check them out here on their website!

Get in Touch…

Contact the crew at Moving Picture is easy! You can send them an email (info[at] or call them at 503.427.1920. You can also give them a little more information by completing their online form.