Food to Serve At Your Summer Wedding

Food is one of the most remembered aspects of any event, making it one of the most important (and potentially stressful!) decisions for a bride and groom to make. There’s the pressure of choosing a menu that all at once accommodates the food allergies and dietary preferences of guests, reflects the personality of the bridge and groom, all while staying in their budget. As you plan your summer wedding and begin to think about which foods to serve, here are a few hot trends in the wedding catering world for 2016:

  1. Serve brunch. Many couples are opting for earlier ceremonies to save money on the venue, which can leave the meal at an awkward time. Enter brunch as an excellent alternative! Not only do breakfast foods tend to be cheaper, but this idea feels fresh and creative. Having an evening reception but still love this idea? Run with it! Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner now and again?
  1. 10 summer wedding catering menu trends

    Photo courtesy of Powers Studios

    The DIY-bar approach. From baked potato bars to salad bars to dessert bars, inviting your guests to create their own masterpiece with their food is a fun idea couples are loving.

  1. Elevated comfort food. Burgers with gourmet toppings, mac and cheese with unexpected mix-ins, French fries with an array of sauces and toppings… Why not choose your favorite comfort food item and consult with your caterer on a creative way to make it extra special?
  1. Build from a theme. If there’s a certain type of food you as a couple love, why not use that to create a theme? Coffee is a common example, but you could choose just about anything under the sun from bacon to salt to chocolate and use it throughout your menu.
  1. Non-traditional desserts. Weddings that are at once rustic and elegant are quite common, and the desserts served are reflecting that. Popular choices include serving pie, root beer floats, or offering an ice cream bar.
  1. The “Late Night Snack.” Especially popular among younger people, couples pick a few of their late night snacks to have served to their guests after they’ve spent some time dancing away at the reception.
  1. Personality food. Since so much of a dating relationship centers around food, many couples have a signature dish that is “their” dish, and more and more are choosing to incorporate this meal into their wedding as a fun way to tell part of their story.
  1. Fresh and local. This foodie “trend” isn’t going anywhere. More and more people are very conscious of where their food is from, and how fresh it is. Choosing a menu that takes advantage of what’s in season will not only make your food more affordable, but helps ensure it’ll taste great, too! Here are a few ideas for the coming summer months:
  1. Food that reflects your roots. Inspiration can also be found in where you came from. Every region has a specific food culture: comfort food from the south, beer and coffee from the NW, delicious seafood flavors from the NE, mouth-watering Tex-Mex from the SW. Add in international cuisine and you have excellent ideas of food that shows who you are!
  1. The classics. Another trend is the reappearance of more traditional receptions incorporating classic entrees. While being creative and thinking outside the box is great, sometimes a classic menu is the best way to go.

Planning your summer wedding menu doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Use these ideas to get started on your own menu wish list, and contact us about how to make it happen. For even more inspiration, check out our Wedding Buffet Menu.