Spring Into Spring With These Inspired Themes

Spring party theme inspiration ideasSpring is a wonderful time of year to throw parties, and the months offer many excuses to host a gathering! From Valentine’s Day to Easter, there are plenty of opportunities to put on your party-planning hat to create a wonderful event. Whether it’s a birthday party or work event or family reunion, here is some inspiration – both traditional and unexpected – for your spring party theme:

  1. Wings. Nothing says “spring” quite like birds or butterflies! Choosing one – or both – of these beautiful omens of spring are a great place to start. The best part is how easy this party theme is to incorporate: you’ll have no shortage of bird or butterfly-themed pieces to incorporate. Paper cutouts, faux butterflies, real feathers – all of these would be charming additions to your spring party.
  1. Garden Party. Another traditional spring party theme is a Garden Party. While going the classic route with teacups, roses, and sandwiches is always good, you can also change it up. Instead of fancy, go for whimsical with more vivid colors and bolder patterns. You could also have a “Mad Hatter” garden party inspired by Alice in Wonderland.
  1. Gatsby. A party inspired to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby is a wonderful excuse to host a roaring 1920’s flapper party. Fancy cocktails, glittering gold, and classy hors d’eouvres are not the norm in today’s society and make for a memorable event. To really stand out, this theme would pair well with a formal dinner party. Art deco should be your decorative rule.
  1. Lanterns. Paper lanterns, glass lanterns, even strings of big bulbs can be a simple but charming party theme. Light candles throughout the décor, and you could even use glass lanterns to display floral arrangements or food in for an unexpected twist.
  1. Kentucky Derby. Another classy party idea is a Kentucky Derby theme. Hosted in May, this event comes with a history and culture that makes for a fun party theme. Mint juleps, bourbon pork, and pecan pie are Southern favorites sure to make your guests happy!
  1. March Madness. Especially suited to an office party, basketball gives you easy inspiration for everything from décor to food choices to color schemes. Why not invite your guests to come dressed to support their favorite team?
  1. Simple colors. While every party should have a color scheme, sometimes choosing to make the color itself your theme can be a simple way to make an event come together. Pantone’s list of colors for Spring 2016 include some beauties: rose quartz, snorkel blue, buttercup, lilac gray, and limpet shell to name a few.
  1. Greenery. A hallmark of spring is the arrival of greenery and flowers to the landscape. Celebrate the new season by highlighting the beauty of nature with fresh bouquets. Send guests home with a pack of seeds or small flower. Choose a fresh menu full of fruits and vegetables straight out of the garden.

No matter what the reason is behind your spring party, these themes can be customized to fit. But we’d love to hear from you – what are some of your favorite spring party themes? Share below in the comments!