A Flexible Creative Space: AudioCinema

Photo courtesy of AudioCinema Twitter

Photo courtesy of AudioCinema Twitter

Looking for an affordable space to rent for a creative event can be a challenge. We enjoy the space created by AudioCinema in Portland. An art and music production and rental facility underneath the Hawthorne bridge in the industrial area of town, this large building is an excellent home for artists of all types to practice, rehearse, host, teach, and more.

Here’s a little bit more about AudioCinema…

AudioCinema is the perfect facility for artists, musicians, and theatre groups. While the space is open to ideas for other uses, AudioCinema caters to hosting visual artists and musicians:

  • Visual Artists: Photo shoots, video shoots, and art work well in the space. AudioCinema is also the perfect place to host a dress rehearsal or host lessons, classes, and workshops. Amenities available include large tables, chairs, lighting, storage lockers, utility sinks, and free wifi.
  • Musicians: The main space at AudioCinema is perfect for hosting tryouts, practices, and rehearsals. A PA system and additional gear are available. AudioCinema also has sound reinforced, double-walled music studios available for musicians to rent as well.

What’s included in a package? 

AudioCinema works with each individual client to create a custom package based on their needs. After a personal tour of the space, you will receive a custom proposal based on your useage needs. That said, AudioCinema’s pricing guide is as follows:

  • Main stage: From $25/hour
  • Main space (<10 people): from $25/hour
  • Main space (>10 people): from $50/hour
  • Photography/video shoots: from $50/hour
  • Gear rentals: from $15/hour
  • Gear storage: from $30/month

What do other people say?

Don’t take our word for it! You can read a few reviews of AudioCinema on Yelp (see them here!) or request referrals from the office.

Who’s behind AudioCinema?

iLan Laks is the visionary who founded and directs AudioCinema, although the day-to-day is handled by a team: general manager Dylan Farwell, office coordinator Sarah Laks, and site supervisor Sam Henry. You can directly get in touch with any of them through their website by clicking HERE.

See the Space…

AudioCinema’s website has a gallery of images showing what the space looks like. See the music studios here, and get an idea of what the production and stage areas look like by looking at this gallery.

Get in Touch…

Inquiries about the space can be sent to zach@audiocinema.org, or made by phone at 503-467-4554.