9 Themes for Your Annual Company Picnic

Catered company picnic

Photo thanks to Unsplash and Amanda Kerr

An annual company picnic is event many businesses choose to host. While this tradition is a great way to gather employees, their families, and perhaps even clients and customers, it can be a challenge to come up with something creative and new year after year. We’ve catered our share of company picnics, and here are a few of the standout ideas we’ve seen:

  1. Go Global. You could choose a specific country or region, but this theme allows you to introduce unique flavors to your picnic. You could have a fiesta or “Oktoberfest,” or celebrate Caribbean, Mediterranean, or French culture.
  2. Regionally Themed. A classic “Red, White, and Blue” picnic is American at its best, but you could also celebrate the cultural diversity within our country by choosing a region to highlight: Western, Southern, Chicago, or even Daytona 500 could add a fun twist to your company picnic.
  3. Take to the High Seas. Who doesn’t love pirates? Kids and adults enjoy this fun theme. It’s easy to decorate for, and lends itself to costumes. Plus, during the hot summer days, a nautical theme is perfect for water fights.
  4. Under the Big Top. A circus or carnival theme works really well for company picnics that include families, but could also be fun for an adults-only event.
  5. Drive-in Theatre. Rent a projector and choose a location with a large natural “screen” (like a barn) to host your own movie night. A popcorn and dessert bar would be the perfect touch!
  6. Tailgate. Who doesn’t love football, beer, and all-American food? Especially if your picnic takes place later in the summer, this theme easily lends itself to everything from food choices to décor. Another fun alternative idea is a baseball-themed picnic. As a bonus, these themes make it easy to choose activities!
  7. Casino. This theme makes a fun adults-only picnic. It makes décor a cinch, and you can even be so elaborate as to create a fake money or ticket system for guests to turn in for prizes.
  8. Choose Your Decade. A throwback picnic can be tons of fun. The 1950’s, the 1970’s, the 1980’s – just pick your favorite decade and go to town! Décor and music are easy, and do your homework on popular entertainment during the decade to guide your choice of games.
  9. Hawaiian Luau. It’s a classic, but when done right, a luau is the perfect companion for a warm summer evening. To make sure it isn’t run-of-the-mill, pull out all the stops and make sure your food is authentic (roast pig, anyone?) and go the extra mile in the details (like fresh exotic flowers).

Whatever theme you choose to go with, we can help make sure your company picnic is a hit with catered food your guests are sure to love. We’re happy to work with you on creating a menu to complement your theme, just contact us to reserve your date!