Celebrating Your Business’ Accomplishments

Catering a business lunchRecognizing the good work your team does is a powerful morale booster! There are many great ideas of how you can do this, but food is a love language just about everyone speaks. Celebrating milestones, accomplishments, and goals with a catered lunch can be a simple but effective way to reward your hardworking employees. Over the years, we’ve seen a variety of ways you can apply this idea of catering a business lunch. Here are a few ideas:

  • Celebrating Milestones. Throw your company an annual birthday party or in honor of opening a new location or creating a new department.
  • Reaching Goals. Whenever you set goals and your employees work hard to reach them, celebrate their hard work by treating them to lunch.
  • Brainstorm Session. If you need to ask extra work of your employees in staying late or taking on more tasks, sweeten the ask by catering a business lunch in gratitude of their willingness to go the extra mile.
  • Marking the End of a Busy Season. Some industries have markedly busier times of year than others. Accountants, for example, can all breathe a little easier at the end of April! If your company has a busy season, celebrate the end by treating everyone to a delicious lunch. 
  • Celebrating Individuals. You could have a monthly birthday lunch in honor of all the birthdays during that month. Another way to approach this is by honoring employees who have hit significant milestones with the company, or even to welcome all new employees.

Whatever reasons you have for catering a business lunch to celebrate your accomplishments, we would love to be part of it. Catering office events is one of our specialties at Chef du Jour Catering, and we can accommodate a range of group sizes and menu requests. Take a look at our Sample Menus HERE and don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or to request a quote!