7 Inspired Summer Party Themes

summer party theme ideasSummer is just weeks away, and chances are your calendar is already full of holiday celebrations and events. With so many excuses to throw a party this time of year, we thought it would be fun to share our favorite summer party themes. As you plan your events over the summer, let these ideas inspire your food, décor, and entertainment.

  1. Keep it simple with bright colors. Nothing says summer quite so loudly as bold colors. Combinations of orange, yellow, lime, sky blue, and bring pink create a summer vibe without trying very hard. You can very easily adapt this theme to any event, décor will be easy (and inexpensive!) to come by, plus you can repurpose everything.
  1. Lemonade stand inspired. Most of us had our first “job” selling lemonade in the front yard to passers-by. This would make a fun kids or family event, but you could also make it more grown-up by having adult lemonade beverages. For décor, a shabby-chic and handmade look would easily go with the theme.
  1. Classic elegance. Understated and classy, you can use simple elements for a more upscale feel. White tablecloths, simple dinnerware, classic glasses, and clean lines aren’t expensive but can take your party up a notch. You could even take this to another level by making it an all-white party: require guests to wear white, use white decorations, and even cook white food!
  1. After-Dark Party. Summer nights stay warm and enjoyable long after the sun goes down. Host an after-dinner cocktail party and use plenty of candles, torches, and hanging lights to create a magical feel in your backyard. Glow-sticks can add fun for kids and adults!
  1. Beach-Themed. Whether you live near the ocean or not, everyone correlates summertime with a day at the beach. Seashells, nautical stripes, and sailor blue and white are easy ways to make this summer party theme come alive.
  1. Go “camping.” Another popular summer activity is camping. For this theme, décor is easy and you probably have it stashed in your camping bin in the garage. Food is easy, too: hobo packs for the main dish and s’mores for dessert are a good place to start.
  1. Movie night. Renting a projector to connect to a laptop for a big-screen movie isn’t too expensive. This idea is a great way to bring together friends, neighbors, and acquaintances for a night of fun. Families will enjoy this summer party theme, but you can make it a relaxing adults-only evening, too.

Whatever your parties are this year, we hope these summer party themes give you inspiration and ideas to host your best event yet! And if you’d like more help coming up with a menu or want to cater the event, we’d love to talk! You can contact us here for more information.