How to Use Social Media At Your Event

How to use social media at your event

Photo courtesy of Powers Studios

Social media is a powerful way to communicate about your event. Whether it’s a birthday party, graduation party, year-end work banquet, wedding, or informal summer get-together, social media presents an incredibly strategic way to get the word out and get your guests excited and engaged. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Create an event page. The obvious platform to use for this is Facebook. While it might seem clichéd, there’s value in having an official event page you can direct people to. Another site you might consider taking advantage of is Eventbrite (which also allows you to sell tickets, by the way!). If it’s a business event, also create a LinkedIn event.
  1. Post teaser content. There’s nothing like a “sneak-peek” to spark interest! What you post could depend on your event. Post preview videos of a keynote speaker, share what the door prizes will be, talk up the food you’ll be serving. If your event happens annually, you could even create a highlight reel of previous years. Let your guests (and potential guests!) know why they won’t want to miss your event.
  1. Create a unique hashtag. This is one of the most fun ways to use social media at your event and interact with your guests. Come up with a clever and relevant hashtag for your event. Couples are getting creative with this at their weddings, but you can do the same thing for any event you host. Encourage your guests to then use that hashtag on any social media posts they make during the event.
  1. Make a shareable graphic. This might not be appropriate for every event, but designing a custom graphic highlighting your event makes social sharing easy. You can use a QR code or shortened URL to link back to an event page interested people can learn more details about your event.
  1. Talk about your event! This might seem silly, but it’s important not to overlook. Leading up to your event, ramp up the conversation. Post more frequently in any event pages you have, and share more frequently about it to your general social following.
  1. Use a variety of social platforms. Not everyone loves Facebook, not everyone is on Twitter. If you want to get the word out about your event to a large audience, leverage a variety of platforms. Facebook is used 84% of the time, but Twitter isn’t too far behind at 61%. Instagram is a growing platform that shouldn’t be overlooked, either.
  1. Follow up after the event. Create buzz after your event by posting great follow-up content. If you can get video footage, share that. Take high quality, flattering photos of attendees (pictures they’ll be excited to be featured in!) to share. Use social media at your event to document and tell a story.

Using social media at your event is not only a good marketing strategy and a way to up your RSVP’s, but it’s a fun way to engage with your guests in a relatable, real way. People use social media all the time. It just makes sense to encourage them to get the most out of your event.