8 Fun Summer Picnic Locations That Will Impress Your Employees

Summer picnic location ideasHosting a company picnic is an annual tradition for many businesses. While it’s always a fun afternoon getting to spend time with coworkers and their families, it’s also easy to fall into a rut with this tradition. Spice things up this year by choosing an unexpected and fun summer picnic location that is sure to leave an (awesome!) impression.

  1. City Park. If you live in a large metropolitan area, there are probably some really cool city parks you’ve never even heard of. Do a little digging, and check out your city’s Parks & Recreation website for a list and details about amenities available.
  1. Lake or River. Sometimes, getting out of the city is fun for a change of pace. Many cities have beautiful lakes, rivers, or forests a short drive out of town. Choosing a summer picnic location like this allows for fun “outdoorsy” activities you might not otherwise get to participate in.
  1. Backyard BBQ. It can be easy to work alongside someone for five years and never end up getting to know them on a personal level. That’s part of what a company picnic is all about, so why not really embrace that purpose by hosting the picnic at someone’s house? Maybe you or one of your employees have a great backyard that could handle everyone. The informal atmosphere just might help everyone relax and get to know each other even better.
  1. Amusement Park. You’re never too old to enjoy an amusement park! Chances are, your city has an amusement park or family fun center of some variety you could book. Ice skating or roller skating rinks, water parks, or even arcades have a similar vibe. You could even take advantage of local fairs and rodeos by going as a group. 
  1. Community Center. If you’re looking for a location offering shelter from the heat and sun, check out your local community center. They’re often ideal for facilitating group events. 
  1. Zoo or Aquarium. Many zoos and even aquariums have large outdoor spaces you could utilize for food, while also offering a variety of other diversions for the afternoon. Some might have a concert series you could plan your company picnic around.
  1. Destination Location. If your employees are up for it, you could shake things up by choosing a “destination” location for your summer picnic. In the Portland area, we’re only about 2 hours away from the Oregon coast. Maybe you don’t live near the ocean, but maybe there’s a mountain or fun tourist town a short drive away you could visit for a change of scenery for your summer picnic location.
  1. Give Back. People like being part of something bigger than themselves. Give your company picnic a philanthropic twist by getting involved with a community service project relevant to your business. Maybe after lunch you clean up the park or plant trees. Maybe you go serve at the homeless shelter and afterwards gather at a nearby location for your own meal.

Whatever summer picnic location you end up choosing for your company picnic, we’re happy to help with the catering. We work with groups of all shapes and sizes, and would love to talk about how we could serve you!