Choosing A Location for Your Corporate Event

Choosing a location for your corporate eventWork meetings and events are part of life. Sometimes it’s easy to do a simple affair at the office, but other times a different venue needs to be found. Depending on the type of event, you’ll want to find the right location for your corporate event. Here are some suggestions about where to find a creative corporate event venue:

  1. Hotels offer a variety of meeting and conference rooms you can use for a range of purposes, from meetings around a table to a large catered dinner. Plus, they usually offer convenient add-on amenities.
  2. Parking lots can be a fun, urban location for your corporate event. There’s plenty of space, little concern about cleanup, and you can create a fun vibe by inviting food trucks to come. Hint: the top level of a parking garage could be extra fun.
  3. Barns can be beautiful spaces to host an event. If you live near farmland, look up barns available for rent!
  4. Parks add outdoor interest to your event. Being shut up in an office all day can get old; change up the scenery by taking your event outside. Bonus: many public parks are free!
  5. Rooftops are scenic places for events. A rooftop restaurant would automatically take care of your catering needs, but some condo or office buildings may have a rooftop space you could rent.
  6. Restaurants are an obvious option, but certainly make your event easy. Research restaurants in your city that cater to working with large groups, and work out as many details ahead of time as you can to make the night go smoothly.
  7. Nightclubs are often empty during the day, and might be available to rent for a private event before regular hours.
  8. Art Galleries and Museums both offer a classy location for your corporate event. Many have beautiful halls and rooms capable of hosting a large group of people for a swanky soirée.
  9. College or University campuses may work wonderfully to host a business meeting or conference with a large group of people.
  10. Conference and Business Centers may be less exciting than other ideas, but they offer functionality that may make them an ideal location for your corporate event.
  11. Your office could be the ideal place for your event. With some creative decorations and added touches like catered food, you can take the mundane and make it interesting.

No matter what type of corporate event venue you choose, make sure you’re aware going in what the venue’s rules are. Some allow outside catering, others don’t. Some won’t mind if you crank up the music, others will want to keep the party tame. Whether you’re hosting a small office party or a large gala corporate event, we can accommodate your catering needs. Contact us today for more information and to get started on a quote!