The Party Planning Committee: 7 Creative Ways to Make Your Party Stand Out

Creative ways to make your party stand out - Portland party cateringWhile it’s true that most people enjoy attending a good party, it’s also true that parties can become ho-hum and lack excitement. After a while, they can all start to feel the same. The goal of any small gathering is usually a celebration or commemoration: a birthday, a graduation, the newly engaged couple, the anticipated arrival of a little one, an anniversary, a retirement. Within that, the party should be an event guests enjoy attending. If you’re looking for creative ways to make your party stand out, here are some party planning tips you’ll want to take notes on:

Go with a creative theme. Choosing a trending theme makes finding ideas on Pinterest easy, but chances are you won’t be the only one who uses the concept. Brainstorm themes that really represent the occasion you’re celebrating.

Add personalized touches. For example, if your small gathering is an anniversary celebration, use photos, sayings, jokes, etc. unique to the couple. Or for a child’s birthday party, let them pick the candy you’ll put on the food table. You get the idea – let the reason for the celebration become your guide.

Make the event venue inviting. If you’re hosting a large party including guests who aren’t familiar with your home (or the venue you’re using), add signs and balloons to make the location easy to find and navigate (“bathroom over here” signs are genius!). Label food (allergies are a big deal) and include instructions if necessary.

Plan the party – even if it’s “informal.” There’s nothing worse than showing up to a party that’s poorly timed. Even if you’re simply having a few friends over to celebrate your spouse’s birthday, come up with a general timeline and stick with it. This makes the event much more enjoyable for everyone.

Serve unique food. It’s true – the food you serve is one of the easiest and most creative ways to make your party stand out. Serving atypical desserts or eye-catching entrees quickly makes your event unforgettable.

Send guests home with a gift. We’re not talking about lame party favors, here! Everyone loves free stuff, and nothing feels quite so special as leaving with an unexpected gift. You don’t have to spend unreasonable amounts of money on it, either; a single-serving of coffee, a handmade dessert, a small candle, or some other small token will be appreciated.

Have a signature beverage. It can be alcoholic or not, but serving a signature beverage that’s related to the cause for celebration puts a fun, personalized spin on your event. Coffee, flavored water, unique lemonade, or a special cocktail are all great ideas.

While you might be able to handle all these details of finding creative ways to make your party stand out, catering your celebration – no matter how small – is one way you can ensure the food you serve is top-notch and gets attention. Take a look at our menus and contact us for more information about having us cater your next party.