Resource Roundup: Event Décor Inspiration

Event decor inspiration ideas

Photo courtesy of Powers Studios

Finding just the right event décor inspiration is the first step in planning your party or event. Sometimes, choosing a theme can be a challenging decision to make. If you’re looking for ideas, we thought we’d give a roundup of some of our favorite resources for finding event décor inspiration:


For quick inspiration, referencing a well-put-together board on Pinterest is a fast way to see a bunch of ideas in a short amount of time. Note: you don’t have to use Pinterest to view boards!


If you need more in-depth how-to guides or want a more thoughtful approach, following a professional blog might be just what you need.

  • Thoughtfully Simple is full of ideas for events, décor, and more
  • Endless Entertainment has a blog covering a range of topics, but the “Inspiration” section has some creative ideas
  • Event MB also writes on a variety of topics, but also includes a category for design
  • Event Birdie is an excellent event planning resource


If you’re in the mood for something printed, there are a few magazines you can look into. Most of them also have an online version of their content.

  • Special Events has an entire section devoted to décor and the latest trends in event planning design
  • Smart Meetings is more specifically aimed at smaller meetings and is a thorough resource
  • BizBash is a long-standing authority in the event planning industry

While these are excellent places to start, don’t rule out other sources. Look for event décor inspiration other places, too, like stores and even other events. Attending events similar to the one you’re planning can be helpful to see an event in action and learn from what they do well and what doesn’t go well.