5 Holiday Party Planning Hacks You Can't Do Without

Holiday party planning hacksHosting a holiday party is a great honor and undertaking. Whether it’s a small gathering of friends and family or a get-together in the office, there are many details to think of. On top of that, it’s a particularly busy time of year for many people, meaning taking on a festive celebration can be stressful! To help, we’ve gathered some of our favorite holiday party planning hacks to make life easier this year:

Hack #1: Have a to-do list

This is so important! Dividing your tasks into weekly goals leading up to the party will make things go much smoother. You’ll also do yourself a favor by planning the day of your holiday party in hourly increments so you can get everything done on time without forgetting anything.

Hack #2: Have a self-serve bar

It’s easier to simply allow guests to be in charge of mixing their own drinks and pouring their own wine. If you’re concerned about guests serving themselves too much, avoid the hard liquor and only set out limited quantities of beer and wine at a time.

Hack #3: Prepare for cleanup

Cleaning up after a party is everyone’s least favorite chore, which is why this is one of our favorite holiday party planning hacks. Do yourself a favor by filling a large plastic tote with warm soapy water to toss used dishes in as you’re finished with them. That way, nothing gets crusted on and final cleanup is a cinch. Have cleaners on hand to take care of any accidental carpet stains or accidents.

Hack #4: Plan the space

You may need to rearrange furniture in the room you’ll be using to best accommodate guests and allow for mingling. One way to cope with tighter spaces is by spreading out the food so people don’t “pile up” in one small part of the room.

Hack #5: Keep the menu simple

One way you can do this is by choosing a menu of easy, impressive food. In other words, the dishes you always get compliments on that require minimal work. You could also opt for a cocktail party serving only appetizers and small plates instead of a full meal. Hiring a catering company, though, is probably the best way to take the stress out of your party.

If you’d like to check cooking off your to-do list early, give us a call. We enjoy catering smaller gatherings and parties. Get in touch soon to book your holiday dates!