Resource Roundup: Fun and Unique Event Activities Ideas

unique event activities ideas

Photo thanks to Powers Studios

The great thing about planning an event is you get to do whatever you want. You can make it simple or or elaborate, casual or fancy, drop-in or scheduled. With some crowds you can keep the planning to a minimum, knowing they’ll keep themselves entertained. For other gatherings, it’s a good idea to have fun and unique event activities planned. Here’s a roundup of some of the most fun activity ideas we’ve seen:

Birthday Party Activity Ideas:

  • Start off with an icebreaker game to get people introduced and talking.
  • Let guests take part in the food prep with build-your-own-food bars (pizza, baked potatoes, and tacos are great examples!)
  • Set up game stations with a variety of options, from board games to card games.

Corporate Event Activity Ideas:

  • Do a truly “touristy” thing in your city together – you know, the things you never get around to doing as a resident.
  • Hire a comedian or magician to perform at your event.

Wedding Activity Ideas:

  • Give a dance lesson at the beginning of the reception.
  • Create a scavenger hunt for guests to do during the reception.
  • Don’t forget a classic photobooth station!

Holiday Celebration Activity Ideas:

  • Play a game of trivia with offbeat facts about the holiday you’re celebrating.
  • Throw in some good, old-fashioned games like charades or mafia.

Know your audience, but never underestimate the success of simple, good-natured, old-fashioned fun. Games and activities aren’t just for kid parties! So often, grown-ups need an excuse to let loose and have fun, so why not give your guests permission! What are some of your favorite unique event activities?