2017 Food Trends to Watch For

2017 food trendsThe start of the New Year marks the turning of a corner, the writing of a new chapter. In many industries, it’s a chance to look ahead at the things we anticipate will change. It’s exciting to predict what new trends will emerge. We’ve been seeing some fascinating projections about 2017 food trends, and thought we would share what we’ve learned with you. Here are the top 2017 food trends we think will become popular this year?

  1. Enhanced foods: Protein in brownies? Cannabis-cured lox? Expect to see healthy “add-ons” in popular food items.
  2. Purple foods: Nutrient-dense purple veggies (think asparagus, cauliflower, sweet potatoes) are stepping into the spotlight. Other purple foods (black rice and açai, to name a few) are right there with the veggies.
  3. Street food inspiration: One of the best parts of traveling is experincing authentic, local flavors. Chefs are bringing those flavors and styles into their kitchens so you can get the same flavors… minus the tapeworm.
  4. Superfood tonics: This trend has already started, but is expected to become even more popular in 2017. Ingredients like gigner, turmeric, apple cider vinegar, and maca are more and more frequently added to healthy beverages.
  5. Less wasteful production: Waste is a big deal to many consumers, and an increasing amount of companies are responding by repurposing “waste” for other uses. One example is the use of leftover whey from yogurt production being used to make probiotic drinks.
  6. Better faux meat: As more people turn to vegetarian and vegan diets, the imitation meat products are improving by leaps and bounds. One restaurant has even made a meatless patty that “bleeds” like a regular beef patty!
  7. More coconut everything: Coconut oil has had its hey-dey, but it’s likely you’ll begin seeing even more coconut products on shelves.
  8. Super greens: As much as we all love kale, there are other equally nutritious greens rising in popularity. In the spirit of less waste, chefs are using leftover beet, carrot, and mustard greens in place of more common standbys like kale.
  9. Power pasta: With more people subscribing to diets that call for avoiding pasta, companies are getting more creative with their alternatives. Bean pasta, kelp noodles, and spiralized veggies are becoming more and more common.
  10. Veggies in the spotlight: Chefs are beginning to let vegetable dishes take center stage rather than serve as forgotten sides. Expect to see amped up creativity and flavor as gourmet vegetable dishes become more of a main event.
  11. Fancy schmancy milkshakes: In the realm of desserts, gourmet milkshakes are becoming a “thing.” Think towering glasses of highly customized flavors and toppings.

We’re looking forward to seeing how these 2017 food trends play out next year! Which are you most excited about?