4 Tips for Planning the Best Corporate Event

planning the best corporate eventWe love being part of an excellent corporate event! It isn’t something that just “happens” overnight – planning the best corporate event takes dedication to be sure. As Chef du Jour has attended and assisted many events of varying sizes and purposes, we’ve noticed a few themes that make these events truly outstanding.

Guests know exactly what to expect. Clear communication from the beginning helps guests enjoy themselves at the event. They know when to arrive, they know what time food is served, they are aware of any dress code, they are prepared for the type of facility the event is hosted at, etc. This not only helps guests be ready for the event, but it helps boost overall attendance. Communication cannot be undervalued!

As much work as possible has been done ahead of time. As with any major event, there will always be last-minute details to take care of. However, planning the best corporate event means doing prep work well ahead of time. The more tasks event planners have tied up neatly before the day-of, the more time they have freed up to deal with the inevitable eleventh hour crises that arise.

Jobs have been delegated to experts… or at least other coworkers. Tempting as it may be to think you can pull off a one-man show, your event will be better if you work with a team. This is true of large events but also small ones. Invite your coworkers to own the event with you and get their help and input. But more importantly, as much as possible, let professionals manage your event. Find a venue that takes care of setup and teardown for you. Hire a caterer to handle all the food. Let a DJ take care of all the sound equipment. Make sure the photos from the event are amazing by hiring a reputable photographer. You get the idea! Professionals are professionals for a reason: they’re good at what they do. Let their expertise make your event the best it can possibly be!

The details have been planned with the audience in mind. We can’t emphasize this enough! Just because something is trendy doesn’t mean it’s right for every audience. The best events we attend are those that have been planned for the audience. In other words, if invitees are older, then every aspect of the event caters to an older crowd: the food, music, location, timing, and even messaging of the event.

Planning the best corporate event your company has ever had is no small job! We would love to be part of helping you make sure at least the food exceeds expectations. Give us a call to find out how we can make the catering at your event unforgettable!