Raising the Bar: Serving Alcohol At Your Event

Serving alcohol at your eventIn many cases, serving alcohol at an event is a way to help people relax, have fun, and enjoy their time. However, there are legalities surrounding serving alcohol at your event. Since many people want to have alcohol at their event, we thought it was time to help you understand serving alcohol at your event in Oregon.

To start with, Oregon is one of 17 “alcoholic beverage control” states, meaning the state has a monopoly over the wholesaling or retailing of certain kinds of alcohol. A license to serve alcohol is required at restaurants and grocery stores. Events where alcohol is sold (or donations are accepted) also require a license.

For events where alcohol isn’t sold (and there is no admission fee or donations), you are not required to have a license. However, this is only in the event that you personally are in charge of the drinks. If you are hosting an event where alcohol is served or sold by a caterer, that vendor does need a liquor license.

You’ll find that many event spaces require that you use someone with a liquor license. Some may allow for a “BYOB” event, but this leaves gaps in liability for you, your guests, and the venue. Having someone with a liquor license serve your alcohol is a good idea for everyone.

As part of being a full-service catering company, Chef du Jour is licensed to serve alcohol at your event. This service frees you up to stop playing bartender, and allows us to serve your guests with excellent drinks and responsible service. For more information about serving alcohol at your event and if we can serve you in that way, feel free to contact us!