Resource Roundup: Party Theme Inspiration

party theme inspirationChoosing an event theme is one of the most important decisions you make as an event planner. Once you’ve made that decision, you can start planning all the other details of your event. Every aspect of a party revolves around the theme you choose, so it’s important to choose a good one! In this resource roundup, we want to give you a solid start on where to find party theme inspiration for your event:

  • If you’re planning a summer party, you’ll want to keep in mind using bright colors that reflect the season. Beyond that, there are so many seasonal ideas you could run with: after-dark, beach, camping… There’s so much inspiration to be found in this season! >>>Read the rest of the article about summer party theme inspiration
  • Planning a company picnic can be a challenge – how do you make a work event fun? Never fear – there are lots of great ideas you can use, including a global theme, a “high seas” theme, or even a tailgate theme. >>>Get more company picnic party theme inspiration here
  • Spring parties can be so much fun. They come after everyone’s schedule has calmed down for a while after the holidays and are perfect to try something new. Unique ideas we love include a Kentucky Derby theme, a Gatsby party, or a March Madness event. >>>See additional spring party theme inspiration ideas here
  • Throwing a Halloween party is a fun job to have because there is so much creativity you can use! Dress up, “creepy” fun foods, games… It’s almost overwhelming the amount of options you have. >>>Read tips on awesome Halloween party inspiration here
  • No matter the theme you choose, you’ll need to figure out your event décor. We’ve found a bunch of awesome resources you can use to spice up the aesthetics of your event. >>>See our favorite event décor ideas here
  • Hosting a wedding shower is an honor… and a responsibility! Even wedding showers should have a theme to keep all aspects of the event cohesive. From the invitation to the menu to the games, a theme helps you narrow down which options you include in your shower. >>>Read our guide to planning a great wedding shower
  • Baby showers are fun events to plan and host as you celebrate the joy of new life and the journey the mother-to-be has been on. The baby shower party theme inspiration out there is practically unlimited! A quick glance through Pinterest can leave you overwhelmed, but as you sift through you’ll be sure to land on a theme to make your party unforgettable. >>>Follow these tips to finding baby shower party theme inspiration
  • Last but certainly not least, holiday parties are an important part of many November and December schedules! While the holiday itself provides party theme inspiration, you can develop it further and incorporate different elements of the holiday. >>>Get this guide to planning a holiday party

Once you’ve picked a theme for your event or party, we would enjoy working with you to choose a menu that goes along with your theme. We are accustomed to catering both large and small events, formal or informal, and love using our creativity to craft your ideal menu. Give us a call today!