The Best of: Portland's Best Event Venues

Portland's best event venues

We love living and working in Portland. Oregon has so much offer, especially beautiful settings to host a wedding or event. Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of visiting some amazing Oregon event venues. Out of that experience, we want to share some of Portland’s best event venues – and some of our personal favorites!…

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A Foolproof Guide to Planning Your Next Corporate Event

planning your next corporate event

If you’re like many businesses, you likely have several events scheduled for the coming year. The guest list might range in size from small to large, and the purpose for each probably varies. One thing, however, is likely to remain constant: food. It’s common if not expected for food to be provided at gatherings both…

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Resource Roundup: Fun and Unique Event Activities Ideas

unique event activities ideas

The great thing about planning an event is you get to do whatever you want. You can make it simple or or elaborate, casual or fancy, drop-in or scheduled. With some crowds you can keep the planning to a minimum, knowing they’ll keep themselves entertained. For other gatherings, it’s a good idea to have fun…

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How to Cater for Food Allergies and Preferences

How to cater to food allergies

Planning an event for even a small number of people, the odds are pretty high at least one of your guests has dietary needs. For some, it might be a special diet based on convictions. For others, they may deal with an intolerance to a certain food. And for some, it means a severe allergy…

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What to Look For In a Caterer

What to look for in a caterer - Portland catering experts

When hiring a caterer, you’re establishing an important relationship. As such, it’s important to know what to look for in a caterer! Before deciding on a team to cater your event – whether large or small – the first step is for you to have a solid idea of what your needs are. For example,…

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Taking the "Boring" Out of Weekly Office Meetings

Corporate catering for weekly office meetings

In many jobs, weekly office meetings are unavoidable. While hopefully these times allow your team to communicate and begin working towards common goals, they don’t always feel like an enjoyable way to spend time. Making these weekly office meetings something to look forward to may be a challenge, but with a little planning, creativity, and…

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5 Holiday Party Planning Hacks You Can't Do Without

Holiday party planning hacks

Hosting a holiday party is a great honor and undertaking. Whether it’s a small gathering of friends and family or a get-together in the office, there are many details to think of. On top of that, it’s a particularly busy time of year for many people, meaning taking on a festive celebration can be stressful!…

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Resource Roundup: Event Décor Inspiration

Finding just the right event décor inspiration is the first step in planning your party or event. Sometimes, choosing a theme can be a challenging decision to make. If you’re looking for ideas, we thought we’d give a roundup of some of our favorite resources for finding event décor inspiration: Pinterest For quick inspiration, referencing…

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