Tips For Planning a Family Reunion Stress-Free

planning a family reunion

Many families have their family reunion during the summer months. It’s always a time to look forward to – seeing relatives from near and far, making memories, and enjoying time with those you love most. But, let’s face it, family reunions can also be a lot of work! Coordinating that many people can be a…

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A Foolproof Guide to Planning Your Next Corporate Event

planning your next corporate event

If you’re like many businesses, you likely have several events scheduled for the coming year. The guest list might range in size from small to large, and the purpose for each probably varies. One thing, however, is likely to remain constant: food. It’s common if not expected for food to be provided at gatherings both…

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Desserts That Will Make Your Guests Say Wow

Part of the fun of planning and throwing an event is seeing your guests’ faces as they experience every aspect of the event. From décor, to location, and food, you want to be sure to leave a lasting impression. One of the ways you can be sure to leave an impression is with tasty, delicious,…

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A Tasty Treat: Le Cookie Monkey

Think back to the last celebration you attended. Beyond the bride and groom saying the “I do’s,” the person being celebrated opening their gifts, or the wide variety of food offered, what is one of the things that you look forward to most as a guest? If your answer is cake or dessert you are…

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