6 Ways to Stand Out By Catering Client Meetings

catering client meetings

Business meetings are important. Meetings with clients are even more important, especially when the attendees are considering hiring or working with your company. It becomes all about putting your best foot forward to make a good impression and maintain positive relationships. While there are many ways you can work to accomplish those goals, catering client…

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Taking the "Boring" Out of Weekly Office Meetings

Corporate catering for weekly office meetings

In many jobs, weekly office meetings are unavoidable. While hopefully these times allow your team to communicate and begin working towards common goals, they don’t always feel like an enjoyable way to spend time. Making these weekly office meetings something to look forward to may be a challenge, but with a little planning, creativity, and…

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Your Guide to Planning a Corporate Fundraiser

Planning a corporate fundraiser - Portland Corporate Catering

Throughout the year, many companies participate in or host fundraisers for charities they support. Planning a corporate fundraiser involves time, creativity, and the right resources. If the planning isn’t properly executed, the event itself is less likely to be an overwhelming success. In fact, poor planning leaves room for errors that could make the whole…

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Choosing A Location for Your Corporate Event

Choosing a location for your corporate event

Work meetings and events are part of life. Sometimes it’s easy to do a simple affair at the office, but other times a different venue needs to be found. Depending on the type of event, you’ll want to find the right location for your corporate event. Here are some suggestions about where to find a…

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8 Fun Summer Picnic Locations That Will Impress Your Employees

Summer picnic location ideas

Hosting a company picnic is an annual tradition for many businesses. While it’s always a fun afternoon getting to spend time with coworkers and their families, it’s also easy to fall into a rut with this tradition. Spice things up this year by choosing an unexpected and fun summer picnic location that is sure to leave…

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Celebrating Your Business’ Accomplishments

Catering a business lunch

Recognizing the good work your team does is a powerful morale booster! There are many great ideas of how you can do this, but food is a love language just about everyone speaks. Celebrating milestones, accomplishments, and goals with a catered lunch can be a simple but effective way to reward your hardworking employees. Over…

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9 Themes for Your Annual Company Picnic

An annual company picnic is event many businesses choose to host. While this tradition is a great way to gather employees, their families, and perhaps even clients and customers, it can be a challenge to come up with something creative and new year after year. We’ve catered our share of company picnics, and here are…

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Why C-Level Planning Meetings Deserve Catered Brain Food

brain food - bruschetta bar

Long hours, lots of responsibility, weighty decisions, lengthy discussions behind closed doors… Being a C-Level executive is hard work! The meetings especially can be grueling, requiring high levels of attention and focus. Staying alert and energized can be a chore when so much demand is put on your mental capacity. One of the best strategies…

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8 Ways to Guarantee Attendance At Your Next Event

How to guarantee attendance at your next event

Planning an event takes a lot of work! The worst thing that can happen is investing time and effort into an event no one shows up for. While the reality is not everyone on your guest list will show up – and some who RSVP’d “yes” might still turn out to be no-shows – there…

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