Summer Food Trends You'll Swoon Over

2017 summer food trends

Summer is a fun time of year to find any excuse to celebrate. As you begin to plan gatherings both large and small, formal and informal, don’t forget to think about the food! Here are some of the hottest summer food trends you’ll want to consider as you plan your menu: Grilled Pizza: You could…

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2017 Food Trends to Watch For

2017 food trends

The start of the New Year marks the turning of a corner, the writing of a new chapter. In many industries, it’s a chance to look ahead at the things we anticipate will change. It’s exciting to predict what new trends will emerge. We’ve been seeing some fascinating projections about 2017 food trends, and thought…

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The Latest in 2016 Food Trends

2016 food trends

Food is art, and it’s always amazing to see the creativity that emerges in the culinary scene. This year has presented some unique and refreshing ideas. Here’s a roundup of our favorite (and most accessible) 2016 food trends: Turmeric: A spice often used in Indian cooking, it’s a root that looks similar to ginger and…

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Must-Have Food Trends for 2016

Food Trends for 2016

Every year, it’s so much fun to see the latest food trends start to emerge. The creativity and mastery is amazing! We always enjoy seeing what’s new and letting it inspire unique menus that can set our events apart. Here are a few of the top emerging food trends for 2016 we’ve been seeing: Foods…

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Desserts That Will Make Your Guests Say Wow

Part of the fun of planning and throwing an event is seeing your guests’ faces as they experience every aspect of the event. From décor, to location, and food, you want to be sure to leave a lasting impression. One of the ways you can be sure to leave an impression is with tasty, delicious,…

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Kale Recipes: Trend Worthy

By now, nearly everyone has at least heard of the trendy, yet healthy, superfood known as kale. Kale might seem like just another leafy, green vegetable to some people. However, those who keep up with food trends know kale is so much more. Although kale has always been around, kale recipes started becoming officially trendy…

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The Top 8 Food and Drink Trends of the Summer

When it comes to food trends, each season has its own specialties. The summer season brings us hotter temperatures and a variety of fresh produce. Many of the top summertime food trends revolve around satisfying appetites with lighter and cooler foods and drinks. Here are 8 of the top summertime food trends to help you…

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There's More Than Just Cake!

The go-to dessert for most events is…cake. And of course, nearly everyone enjoys cake, which makes it a popular option for event food planning. However, there are also plenty of other excellent desserts you can serve along with – or instead of – cake. And many of the latest dessert trends for 2015 look easy,…

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Food Trends to Expect Going into 2015

Happy New Year and welcome to 2015! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season with plenty of great food and fun times with family and friends. Many people like to find out what’s trendy and up-and-coming at the beginning of a new year. In the world of catering and events, we’re also paying attention…

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The Latest Food Trends

Just like fashionistas keep track of fashion trends, foodies keep track of food trends. Trends can be influenced by current events, medical and nutritional information, and an awareness of how we fuel our bodies. Here’s what we’re seeing as some of the top food trends in 2014: Locally Sourced The National Restaurant Association’s recently released…

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