The Basics of Choosing a Menu For Your Event

basic of menu planning

Food is one of those things we all have strong opinions about: what we like, what we don’t like. So we get that when you’re planning an event, choosing the menu can be a daunting task! Which is why we want to share our perspective on the basics of choosing a menu. Consider this your…

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Play It Safe or Get Creative: What Menu Is Right for Your Event?

How to know what menu is right for your event

Planning a menu for your event is quite the task. Do you play it safe with standby crowd pleasers? Or do you shake things up with creative options that will impress your guests? How do you handle food allergies and sensitivities? How do you make it all cohesive? How do you know what menu is…

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How to Cater for Food Allergies and Preferences

How to cater to food allergies

Planning an event for even a small number of people, the odds are pretty high at least one of your guests has dietary needs. For some, it might be a special diet based on convictions. For others, they may deal with an intolerance to a certain food. And for some, it means a severe allergy…

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Selecting the Right Beverages For Your Event

Choosing the right beverages for your event

Selecting the right food for your event is important, but choosing the right beverages for your event is a detail you don’t want to overlook! Finding unique drinks to accompany your food can enhance the entire experience. If you’re trying to find the right beverage for your event, let these ideas inspire you: Keep It…

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Food to Serve At Your Summer Wedding

10 summer wedding catering menu trends

Food is one of the most remembered aspects of any event, making it one of the most important (and potentially stressful!) decisions for a bride and groom to make. There’s the pressure of choosing a menu that all at once accommodates the food allergies and dietary preferences of guests, reflects the personality of the bridge…

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What Foods are in Season?

You’ve picked out what you would like to serve, wrote down what ingredients you need to purchase, and get yourself ready to go to the supermarket. As you are searching high and low for that one specific ingredient, you just can’t seem to find it. Does this sound familiar? If so, you aren’t alone! As…

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Adding to Your Holiday Menu

Pumpkin pie just in time for Thanksgiving

As the holidays draw near, we are all busily preparing for our guests to arrive, decorating our homes and ensuring sleeping arrangements are made. But, what is are we going to serve for the holiday feast this year? Over the years, it is easy to fall into a somewhat habitual menu, serving the same foods…

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A Balanced Menu That Fits Everyone

Have you ever noticed that nearly every event you attend includes a variety of foods? Serving a variety of foods at your event may not always be practical, but it is always a good idea. For one thing, you want to make sure each guest has enough to eat. An important reason for providing a…

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5 Must-Have Seasonal Menu Items at Your Summer Event

Although the first official day of summer is still a couple of weeks away, it feels like it’s already arrived here in Portland. We are definitely enjoying the warmer temperatures and beautiful weather, and looking forward to a gorgeous summer. Summertime is such a fun season for events and we’re excited about the opportunities that…

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Gluten-Free Recipes: Menu Ideas for Weddings and Parties

Without a doubt, planning that “just-right” menu for your wedding or party is often challenging. From deciding which foods complement one another to making sure you have enough food for everyone, it may seem overwhelming. When either you or any of your guests has gluten sensitivity, then you have entirely different challenges when planning the…

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